How to Get Published Online Easily?

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Being an amateur writer I want to provide my articles and written material with more exposure. Publishing them in the books is a painful and pricey process, so I have decided to give Internet a try.

World wide web is still a free network and there are billions of users every day, so the odds that someone would actually read my material, evaluate it and provide a critical review, are pretty high.

In this short article I would like to show you three websites, which provide us with a chance of creating web-pages for free. – this is what I am using right now, it is a free blogging platform, where you can create your thematic website and fill it with various articles of your choice. Creating a blog is an easy task and Google is very loyal to these, so you have good chances of being read. – a somehow different website, it is a community of writers, where they share their interesting articles in the form of Squidoo pages (so called lenses). Depending on the number of visits to your lenses you will be assigned certain statuses or can even get rewarded for writing at – free article directory, where any user can register, receive a custom subdomain and start adding content. All the websites stated above are very reputed, so if you input some effort into writing articles and promoting them – you are sure to get a lot of visitors to your work.

I do hope that this article will be of great use to you and you will be able to start publishing your articles online for free.

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